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Conrad Wiki | Getting Started

Welcome to the Conrad Wiki page for getting started in Conrad!

This page will talk about how to get basic tools, weapons and a base. How the UI (User Interface) works and what you can do with it. And lots more!

The Basics

The User Interface

The user interface is defined as any of the menus and buttons in the game like your inventory and health bars etc.

Main Menu

When you open the game the first thing you will see is the main menu with 3 buttons Start Game, Options and Exit.

First we have the Start Game button, when pressed 3 more buttons will apear Join game, Host Game and back

The Join game buttons allows you to join a IP adress or one of the dedicated servers, you can find server IP adresses if you dont want to play on a dedicated server at the server list.

Second we have the Options button which when pressed shows the option menu were you can change all of your game options.

Lastly we have the Exit button its pretty self explanitory it exits the game.